FEBRUARY 5, 2015

Dear Sherri,
I am pleased to provide this letter to outline my position on wind power in Ontario.

First, let me commend you and the rest of the activists in your coalition across Ontario who devote your time, talent and energy to advocating for affordable energy and to fighting with such passion and conviction. Our democracy is stronger when people like you hold government to account and educate their fellow citizens on important matters of public policy.

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2 Responses to PC Deputy Leader, Christine Elliott, weighs in with her comments on wind power: will repeal the Green Energy and Economy Act and call for immediate moratorium

  • Darryl Irwin says:

    Christine; I was a strong supporter of yours until recently. You feel that cancelling the existing wind contracts would be fiscally demanding however you fail to address that to leave these contracts in place will put undo financial stress on every hydro paying customer in the province.

    Sound like the same platform that Hudak had. Guess where they got him?

    Darryl Irwin, Bethany, ON

  • Admin says:

    Great info! which has made me eat crow in my hasty judgement of Ms Elliot’s position on Green Energy
    See post on my site wainfleet wind action.

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