John Harrison
January 2012

There is, presently, intensive lobbying by a few wind energy developers and their potential subcontractors to remove the present moratorium on off-shore wind energy generation in the Great Lakes. It has even reached the point of pushing to build a project and use it as a study.  The proposal is not for a pilot project but for a full 300 MW, 100+ wind turbine development just 5 to 7 km off-shore. This is a transparent attempt to get a permit to build, by political means, a development that will never pass an environmental review.… Read more

Prince Township Wind Farm


Passes resolutions that target negative aspects of wind energy, emphasize urge to regain voice in deciding whether renewable energy projects built within its boundaries

By Marguerite LaHaye
Updated 14 days ago

When Prince Township Coun. Amy Zuccato takes aim against the Green Energy Act, her council colleagues don’t joke about tilting at windmills.

At Zuccato’s urging, they agreed at February’s regular meeting to adopt two resolutions that target the negative aspects of wind energy and underline the goal of many municipalities to regain their voice in deciding whether renewable energy projects are built within their boundaries.

Municipalities lost that… Read more

worldThe Ontario protest at Queens Park, organized by Toronto Wind Action, was energizing! We had about 500 attendees, some from as far away as New York. It was good to share our experiences with people from around the world. Letters of support came in from Denmark, Germany, Quebec, The UK, the US, Nordic and Baltic States, France and Australia. Students and staff also strolled over from Central Tech High School at Bloor and Bathurst.


Here is an excerpt from Lorrie: It looks like it was an empowering experience for all, and as you can see, people travelled for hours… Read more

rally in draytonDecember 8, 2010
Karen Idzik – For the Independent

It’s impossible to tell how many people were a rally in Drayton on Nov. 30 protesting wind turbines, but the arena hall holds more than 400 people and many were asked to wait their turn so the meeting hall didn’t exceed the fire limit.
The group, calling themselves Stop Mapleton Wind Farms (SMWF), organized the rally and invited groups fighting their own battles in their areas. One group was present from Belwood, another from Kincardine.
In fact, there were protestors from all over Ontario, according to coordinator Bill Kabbes.
Kabbes welcomed… Read more

Queen's Park RallyQueen’s Park Rally, Ottawa, Ontario.

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Green Energy BluesProtest in Kincardine, Ontario.

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Not WelcomeIt pays to show caution when a wind company (or 2, 3, 4 or more.) approach your community.

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Electrical PollutionAt our meeting in Adelaide on September 9th, 2009 David Colling spoke to the packed gymnasium about the electrical pollution issues that wind turbines have caused in Ontario.

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Port Burwell Victims“Port Burwell Victims Speak out!”

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forum blows hot

Latest initiatives included our May 27 information session with experts on wind which included w a video of Dr Robert McMurtry, Carmen Krogh, Environmental Lawyer, Eric Gillespie, Executive Director of Energy Probe, Mr. Lawrence Solomon, President of Wind Concerns Ontario, John Laforet, and a passionate plea from Native leader and long standing environmental warrior, David Grey Eagle Sanford.

Reuben Sokol

28 May 2010

Opponents of a proposed wind farm off the Scarborough Bluffs have adopted the old Bob Dylan folk classic, with their own spin, as a rallying cry: ‘the answer is not blowing in the wind.’

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