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switch offThe Times

December 27 2013

Sonia Elks

Wind farm operators have been paid a record £30 million to switch off this year.
The National Grid’s huge bill for wind farmers to leave turbines idle has shot up from the £5 million paid out last year, according to figures released by the Renewable Energy Foundation (REF) charity.

It found that about 40 wind farms shared £2.4 million in “constraint payments” to switch off over one weekend in September alone.

A further £3.1 million was paid out to wind turbine operators during a windy weekend in August says the foundation, which compiled… Read more

thinkblastThe Guardian, Monday 12 December 2011

Renewables policy overambitious and unrealistic, argues Adam Smith Institute

Britain is heading for an energy crisis by the middle of the decade due to the government’s “unrealistic” reliance on wind, solar and other high-cost renewable energy technologies, according to a controversial report out today.

Ministers are failing to factor in the cost of dealing with intermittent energy sources and ignoring the implications of burdening consumers with higher energy bills, said the right-leaning Adam Smith Institute and Scientific Alliance.

The report argues the renewable energy roadmap for 2020 is… Read more

         Thursday, April 11, 2013


    TORONTO – Wind blows — and so sadly does the Liberal government’s Green Energy Act.

Even before the Fraser Institute came out with its damning report on wind and solar energy this week, the writing was on the wall.

Turbines have wreaked havoc on rural Ontario, ruining the countryside, pitting neighbour against neighbour as wind farms sprouted on once lovely fields.

We’ve gone from generating the cheapest electricity in the world to… Read more

wind wastes water


Parker Gallant And Scott Luft, Financial Post · Mar. 16, 2012

Ontario Power Generation (OPG) is the province’s premier electricity power generating firm, a government-owned utility whose future has long been hooked to government policy. Today, in the green hands of the Dalton McGuinty’s Liberal government, OPG appears to be in decline. That decline was confirmed a few days ago when the company issued its 2011 annual financial results. It’s a decline that is likely to continue even if, as expected, the government changes its green-energy regime next week.

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EC PresidentIt was hard to know – as the danse macabre of the euro spirals towards its devastating denouement – which of last week’s utterances and events was the maddest.

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blowing money in the wind


Wind power is green, right?

It helps keep the air clean, doesn’t it?

Not according to the people suing the state of Colorado over wind power. The American Tradition Institute’s (ATI) Environmental Law Center sued the State of Colorado in federal court last week.

“We’re putting wind on trial because people don’t understand the facts behind wind,” says Director Dr. David Schnare. “We believe that if people knew how variable wind was, and how dirty it was, if they knew the wind was neither free nor clean, then they may… Read more

european green subsidiesby ERIC REGULY , Globe and Mail

The Spanish and Germans are doing it. So are the French. The British might have to do it. Austerity-whacked Europe is rolling back subsidies for renewable energy as economic sanity makes a tentative comeback. Green energy is becoming unaffordable and may cost as many jobs as it creates. But the real victims are the investors who bought into the dream of endless, clean energy financed by the taxpayer. They forgot that governments often change their minds.

Spain is famous for its housing bubble, whose bursting drove the national unemployment rate to 20… Read more

low hanging fruitAs an example, Country Guardian calculates that for the U.K. government subsidy towards the construction of one wind turbine, they could insulate the roofs of almost 500 houses that need it and save in two years the amount of energy the wind turbine might produce over its lifetime.

Country Guardian also calculates that if every light bulb in the U.K. were switched to a more efficient one, the country could shut down an entire power plant — something even Denmark, with wind producing as much as 20% of their electricity, is not able to do. According to solar energy consultant… Read more

mafia eu wind subsidiesEnergy Tribune Posted on Sep. 17, 2010

By Peter C Glover

With Europe?s public subsidy regime for wind and other green energy projects being slashed, all it needed was for the Mafia to blow into town. Unfortunately, organized crime has already hit town ? and I do mean hit ? to make local officials offers they couldn?t refuse.

According to the US corporate security consultancy, Kroll, the Mafia and organized crime generally, have been skimming millions of Euros from the EU?s ?6 billion ($8.7 billion) clean energy budget since 2007. Originally set up to fund green projects between… Read more

smart is dumb
Power companies around the world are planning to spend trillions of dollars building smart grids – next-generation marvels likened to the transcontinental railroad and the Internet because they are seen as revolutionizing society.
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