Immediate Stop PetitionTo keep the GTA waterfront – including the Toronto Beach and Scarborough Bluffs – a green area by putting an IMMEDIATE STOP to all further work and all further funding relating to this proposal.

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Protection Petition

The green space that currently exists along the lakeshore area of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) is increasingly at risk of being lost through inappropriate commercial and industrial development.

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Confidentiality Clause

Here is a sample Confidentiality Clause in a contract between wind developer and lessee.  The astonishing thing is that people are signing that they acknowledge that their land can be damaged, and that noise and shadow flicker can inconvenience or damage!

“The Rent, in respect of the Specified Location, and the Losses of Payment set out above represent compensation in full for severance, nuisance, noise, signal interference, weed control, casting of shadows and other inconveniences or damage done to Said Lands or incurred by Lessor from the acts or omissions of Lessee.”

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Fax Campaign

We have apparently made quite an impression! Let’s keep it going!

There is no point in wasting taxpayers’ dollars by continuing to test wind, when two reputable studies have proven there is insufficient wind.  The anemometer is ultimately tied to the turbine project, and both are soundly rejected by our communities and our organizations. Feel free to mention all your other concerns with the Industrial size turbines sure to follow, as Toronto Hydro will not even disclose the results of their testing!

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Petition SummaryNowhere else in the world – not the U.K., not Denmark, not Spain (all places where turbines are used to generate electricity) – would so many turbines ever be allowed to be built so close to so many people.

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