The Ontario Power Authority (OPA), a euphemism for the Liberal Cabinet of Premier Dalton McGuinty, said it has signed contracts worth $3-billion with suppliers of wind and solar power.

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michael townsendMay. 3, 2011

Written by Steve Orr Staff writer

New York Power Authority board chairman Michael Townsend questioned Monday whether the authority’s offshore wind farm proposal should go forward.

“From my perspective, I don’t think that project is very viable at this time, politically or economically,” said Townsend, a lawyer with the Perinton-based law firm Harris Beach.

The authority, an independent arm of state government, has been reviewing five private-sector proposals to erect wind turbines in state waters of lakes Ontario or Erie. Officials are supposed to announce a decision by June.

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great lakesBy Thomas J. Prohaska, NEWS NIAGARA REPORTER, The Buffalo News, www.buffalonews.com
2 February 2011

LOCKPORT—The Niagara County Legislature voted, 14-4, Tuesday to oppose the New York Power Authority’s Great Lakes wind power project.

“We listened to our citizens, and we reflect the voice of the people,” said Legislator David E. Godfrey, R Wilson.

But Legislator Renae Kimble, D-Niagara Falls, a project supporter, said the Legislature’s special committee investigating the project had ignored 3,000 letters she said had been received in favor of it. She said she has had the letters since October.

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position statement


We encourage the Governments of Canada and Ontario to ensure the people of Ontario, through necessary and sufficient studies, that any offshore wind projects proposed for Lake Huron in no way compromises these assets.

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Denmark loses lustre


Denmark has long been a role model for green activists, but now it has become one of the first countries to turn against the turbines.

By Andrew Gilligan

Published: 8:00AM BST 12 Sep 2010

Even as parts of the British Government continue to blow hard for wind, other countries seem to be cooling on the idea.

To green campaigners, it is windfarm heaven, generating a claimed fifth of its power from wind and praised by British ministers as the model to follow. But amid a growing public backlash, Denmark, the world’s most windfarm-intensive country, is turning against the turbines.… Read more

letter to the editor

Dear Sirs,

Re: “An ill wind on Lake Erie” – by Adam Radwanski, September 6th.

I would just add a few considerations to your well-balanced article. Mr McGuinty acknowledged he had simply not thought about banning windfarms from ecologically sensitive areas. He added: “I’m glad you’re not in the opposition.” This reveals something equally odd: the opposition hadn’t thought about it either.

As in Europe, Australia and the US, politicians support blindly the whims and wishes of what has become a huge industry, supported by equally huge subventions. Most political parties receive contributions to their election campaigns, and this cozy… Read more

Denmark steers away


Two interesting, though not quite definitive, news reports came across my desk in the past couple of weeks, both of which signal a potentially dramatic shift away from developing new land-based wind farms in Europe.  The Energy Minister of the new UK coalition government as well as the CEO of the Danish government-owned energy company both made public statements suggesting that they will be looking away from further development of wind farms on land, in response to increasing public resistance.

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line in the sand


The lure of creating a thriving “green” economy has politicians around the world scrambling to push green policies through their legislatures. But a recent study from California says that the state will suffer job losses, higher-priced goods, lower business profits and reduced income if it goes ahead with its climate policies and other jurisdictions don’t follow suit.

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Great Lakes mayorsDear Friends,

Here is a link to the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, in particular, a motion or declaration on human health, Toxic Chemicals.






Human Health, Toxic Chemicals and the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Basin

Submitted by the Georgian Bay Group of GLSLCI

WHEREAS, public health studies have long since established the causal linkage between toxic chemicals and adverse effects on human and aquatic health; and

WHEREAS, all Great Lakes and St. Lawrence citizens,… Read more

letter to Ontario LegislaturePlease find attached a letter addressed to Chris Hislop, MNR, Ministers Jeffrey, Gerretsen, Duguid, Best, Anthony Haines CEO of Toronto Hydro, Mayor Miller, and Premier McGuinty.

This letter which is being faxed and e-mailed from Torontonians as a petition letter, outlines the urgent matter of having the anemometer permit from Minister Gerretsen and MNR revoked. We do not feel it is in the best interests of the people of Ontario to have any form of this project proceed, given that there are already two valid studies indicating insufficient wind at the region of the Bluffs.

Indeed, the bad economics of… Read more