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blandings turtleBy Bruce Bell, The County Weekly News/The Intelligencer

PRINCE EDWARD COUNTY – An industrial wind turbine project in southern Prince Edward County is losing its race against the Blandings Turtle.

In a decision released Monday at noon, the Ontario Court of Appeal reversed a lower court ruling regarding a Renewal Energy Approval (REA) of the nine-turbine Ostrander Point industrial wind project.

The Prince Edward County Field Naturalists have been fighting the development since 2008 and Monday’s decision marks the end of their third battle before the courts in a bid to stop the project.

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24 FEBRUARY 2015

kenyaOne person died and several others were injured after farmers took to the streets for the second day on Tuesday protesting the wind power project in Kinangop, Nyandarua county.

According to eye witnesses, the deceased was hit by a bullet when police shot in the air to disperse the irate farmers.

“The police officers resorted to using live bullets to disperse us after they realised that the tear gas canisters were not working,” he said.

The deceased was taken to Naivasha hospital mortuary.

Meanwhile, two suspects were arrested for burning a car and a house during… Read more

Credit: By MACHARIA MWANGI | Daily Nation

The company putting up a wind-power plant in Nyandarua has expressed its regrets over the death of a teenager following protests over the implementation of the Sh13 billion project.

Kinangop Wind Park chief Executive officer James Wakaba termed the shooting as regrettable adding that they were monitoring the situation and would make their position clear after today’s meeting between the local leaders.

bullyThe teenager was reportedly shot as protesters stormed Magumu Police Post in an attempt to free nine of their colleagues who were arrested on Tuesday morning by the police on incitement… Read more

leedcoJanuary 23, 2014

LEEDCo calls its offshore wind project the Icebreaker. Beware that Lake Erie will be industrialized by hundreds or thousands of utility grade industrial offshore wind turbines pin cushioning Lake Erie, generating costly, intermittent power. LEEDCo sees 5,000MW of electric generated by 2030 in Lake Erie meaning hundreds of giant offshore turbines planted in the lake. People’s views of the lake will be lost, lake shore area property values will plummet, offshore wind development will spoil lake recreation and impact fishing and shipping, slaughtering birds and disturbing the character of the lake forever. This development is breaking the… Read more

fossil fuelNovember 14, 2013

Lawrence Solomon


When governments try to impose large-scale renewable technologies, they lay waste to nature

Non-renewable energy is sustainable; renewable energy is not, not even close, not by any meaningful yardstick, not in our lifetime or in that of our children. Renewables cannot passably meet any of the important needs claimed by their champions, whether economic or environmental. Despite the hundreds of billions of dollars governments have spent over the decades in aid of kick-starting a large-scale renewables industry, wind and solar complexes are generally incapable of helping humanity progress today or in the foreseeable… Read more

fish on bikeOctober 5, 2013 Sherri Lange  CNE turbine out of touch with promotional activity that also deludes the public re “green” turbines


The North American Platform Against Wind Power (NA-PAW) learned yesterday that no permit or licence is required by TREC (Toronto Renewable Energy Cooperative) and WindShare, to run their second annual stair climb of the promotional wind turbine at Exhibition Place.  Despite international calls for increased setbacks and safety re fires, blade throws, and other failures, and frightening levels of industrial accidents, more than any other… Read more

wynneBy News on the Net Sherri Lange, Lorrie Gilles (Bio and Archives)

Friday, June 7, 2013

Premier Wynne’s callous statement last week, that despite changes in Ontario’s wind turbine policies in the future, wind project objectors in the line for massive turbine factories in their communities are simply “out of luck,” did not resonate with already pent up frustrated and angry residents of Ontario. It is safe to say that Minister Bob Chiarelli’s announcement of ending the FIT in the FUTURE, and some vague allure of community engagement on siting, did not mesh with the immediate … Read more

LEEDCOJune 10, 2013  North American Platform Against Windpower and Great Lakes Wind Truth

Offshore Alert! Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. and Freshwater Wind

Offshore Alert! Leedco’s First Fresh Water Lake Energy Scam energizes international watchdog agencies: More resolve that the Great Lakes are NOT doomed to become another “green energy basket case”


Great Lakes Wind Truth (GLWT) executive member Al Isselhard suggests, based on experience fighting… Read more

June 7, 2013  By Sherri Lange, Lorrie Gillis, North American Platform Against Wind Power

Premier Wynne’s callous statement last week, that despite changes in Ontario’s wind turbine policies in the future,  wind project objectors in the line for massive turbine factories in their communities are simply “out of luck,” did not resonate with already pent up frustrated and angry residents of… Read more

         Thursday, April 11, 2013


    TORONTO – Wind blows — and so sadly does the Liberal government’s Green Energy Act.

Even before the Fraser Institute came out with its damning report on wind and solar energy this week, the writing was on the wall.

Turbines have wreaked havoc on rural Ontario, ruining the countryside, pitting neighbour against neighbour as wind farms sprouted on once lovely fields.

We’ve gone from generating the cheapest electricity in the world to… Read more