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 / March 2, 2015

“It’s no secret that solar power is hot right now, with innovators and big name companies alike putting a great deal of time, money, and effort into improving these amazing sources of renewable energy. Still, the last thing you’d likely expect is for a new experimental array to literally light nearly 130 birds in mid-flight on fire.

And yet, that’s exactly what happened near Tonopah, Nevada last month during tests of the 110-megawatt Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project.”

“According to Rudy Evenson, Deputy Chief of Communications for Nevada Bureau of… Read more

rotary phoneNov 24, 2013

The whole idea of green energy—renewable resources—grew out of an energy reality that was much different from today’s. It was in the 1970s, following the OPEC Oil Embargo that solar panels began popping up on rooftops and “gasohol” subsidies were enacted. It was believed that green energy would move the U.S. off of foreign oil and prevent oil from being used as a weapon against us.

Today, that entire paradigm has been upended and OPEC’s power has been virtually neutered by increasing domestic oil production and decreasing gasoline consumption.

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JULY 21, 2013

This week, Australia and Spain both cancelled most or all of their enormous subsidies for green energy. Germany has done so already. And Britain is expected to follow suit shortly.

Why? The subsidies are expensive and utterly useless. No matter how much money governments throw at wind power, solar power or other alternate energy sources, the results are always the same: Little or new energy is produced and there is no reduction in carbon emissions despite the billions thrown at green projects.

The Spanish government, like most European governments, is staggering under a mountain of public… Read more

1.2 million pounds


Sunday Telegraph 17 September 2011

A wind farm has been paid £1.2 million not to produce electricity for eight-and-a-half hours.

By Edward Malnick and Robert Mendick

The amount is ten times greater than the wind farm’s owners would have received had they actually generated any electricity.

The disclosure exposes the bizarre workings of Britain’s electricity supply, prompting calls last night for an official investigation into the payments system.

The £1.2 million will go to a Norwegian company which owns 60 turbines in the Scottish Borders.
The National Grid asked the company, Fred Olsen Renewables, to shut down its Crystal… Read more

wind farm - the monuments Sunday Telegraph   11 Sep 2011

These pointless monstrosities will continue to proliferate until the Government sees sense.

Turbines in Tehachapi, California, the site of an early ‘wind rush’ Photo: ALAMY

By Christopher Booker

Three separate news items on the same day last week reflected three different aspects of what is fast becoming a full-scale disaster bearing down on Britain. The first item was a picture in The Daily Telegraph showing two little children forlornly holding a banner reading ?E.On Hands Off Winwick?.

This concerned a battle to prevent a tiny Northamptonshire village from being dwarfed by seven… Read more

least sustainable energy optionIn reality, wind energy may well be the least sustainable and least eco-friendly of all electricity options. Its shortcomings are legion, but the biggest ones can be grouped into eight categories.

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green scheme

Energy companies have pocketed about £9 billion in free windfall profits

Alexandra Beier / Reuters

Tim Webb Energy Editor
Last updated August 27 2011 12:01AM

Every household in Britain has been overcharged an estimated £120 in utility bills as a result of an environmental initiative that is not working, an investigation by The Times has found.

Energy companies such as Scottish Power, EDF Energy and Centrica, the owner of British Gas, have pocketed about £9 billion in free windfall profits by manipulating a carbon trading scheme. The extra costs have come when energy prices are at a… Read more

new study takes out wind

Robert Bryce, 07.19.11, 05:00 PM EDT

Reality has overtaken green hope.

Facts are pesky things. And they’re particularly pesky when it comes to the myths about the wind energy business.

For years, it’s been an article of faith among advocates of renewables that increased use of wind energy can provide a cost-effective method of reducing carbon dioxide emissions. The reality: wind energy’s carbon dioxide-cutting benefits are vastly overstated. Furthermore, if wind energy does help reduce carbon emissions, those reductions are too expensive to be used on any kind of scale.

Those are the findings of an exhaustive… Read more

pay the real price

Increasing output from renewables has been tied in with reducing carbon emissions and that makes energy policy unaffordable

Danny Fortson Published: 17 July 2011

Some industry figures are calling for the government to rethink its energy plans (Paul McGee)

The energy executives shuffled into the cramped Westminster room like chastened school children. After Scottish Power uncorked a record 19% increase to gas last month, the company and its competitors were called in for a ritual flogging.

The MPs didn?t hold back. ?Have you anything else ghastly up your sleeve?? barked Tim Yeo, the Conservative chairman of the… Read more

gas is greenerIn April, Gov. Jerry Brown made headlines by signing into law an ambitious mandate that requires California to obtain one-third of its electricity from renewable energy sources like sunlight and wind by 2020.

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