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tooraDecember 12, 2013


Senator MADIGAN (Victoria) (21:07): In 2002, well before Professor Simon Chapman’s nocebo effect and five or more years before the Waubra Foundation was set up, people in the once quiet seaside town of Toora in South Gippsland started complaining about noise nuisance. They had not been visited by anybody stirring them up or telling them that one day they might feel sick. What had happened is the construction of a wind farm near this little town by the Queensland government’s Stanwell Corporation.

Toora was one of the earliest wind farms in Australia.… Read more

“And in the past ten days one of the greenest of green politicians has to all intents, constructions and purposes given up. Last week Australia’s green movement suffered a defeat at least as big as those of the country’s cricket and rugby teams. Mr Rudd announced that he would ditch the carbon tax that had threatened to consign his Labor Party to one of the worst defeats in its history.

All over the world green politicians are presiding over similar climbdowns…..“One renewable company after another is going bankrupt,” he declared.”


Tim Montgomerie

Seven years ago, pulled along by huskies,… Read more

wind energy's broken promiseCongressional lawmakers arguing over how best to rein in spending, have set their sights on eliminating ethanol subsidies and oil and gas tax breaks. Renewable energy subsidies are also under pressure. Earlier this year, the Department of Energy’s Section 1705 loan guarantee was cut.

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Ontario quietly reverses

Times of international turmoil are great moments for domestic governments to make important announcements they don’t want to be noticed. Especially if the announcement involves a sudden reversal in policy that could seriously embarrass the government. 

So Friday afternoon was an ideal time for Ontario’s Liberal government to take a big chunk of its alternative energy program and chuck it overboard. Attention was riveted on Egypt, where spectacular events were unfolding.  The perfect opportunity for Premier Dalton McGuinty to engineer yet another major reversal, while paying a minimal price among voters. 

After years of touting… Read more

Ontario reverses
By Martin Regg Cohn Queen’s Park Columnist


Regime change in Egypt can come in handy when you’re trying to hang on to power here in Ontario. So what better time than a Friday afternoon, with all eyes on the fall of dictatorship in Cairo, for Queen’s Park to cut loose its own political deadweight — offshore wind turbines.

Turbines were threatening too much political turbulence for Premier Dalton McGuinty in an election year. Better to shore up his own democratic prospects by reversing himself on offshore turbines on a day whenOntario voters were… Read more

Ontario's power trip


Among other things, the OSEA claims prime responsibility for the Ontario Green Energy Act, the 2009 legislation that introduced massive subsidies to green energy and triggered multibillion-dollar spending on wind and solar power and new transmission infrastructure.

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questioning goals

By Naomi Schalit, Senior Reporter

Maine Center For Public Interest Reporting

Editor’s Note: This is part one of a three-part series on the 2008 law to expedite wind turbine development in Maine.

AUGUSTA, Maine – The Wind Energy Act of 2008, which gave developers a fast track for putting up wind turbines on some of the state’s treasured high ground, was a piece of legislation passed at the time in the name of jobs, energy independence and climate change.

“There is tremendous potential for Maine to become a leader in clean, renewable energy, including wind energy,” said Gov. John… Read more

moratoriumThis is the amending resolution adopted by General Government Committee yesterday, which was provided in writing to members of the public in attendance:

1.  That this report be endorsed and submitted to the Province in response to Environmental Bill of Rights Registry Postings 011-0089 and 011-0907;

2.  That the Province be advised that Council of the Town of Ajax has not been provided with sufficient information to take a well-informed position regarding the proposed 5-km shoreline exclusion zone and future Provincial direction and actions regarding offshore wind facilities in the Great Lakes at this time;

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moral courage“the Provincial Government impose a moratorium on the approval of any wind farm applications until such time the government has undertaken studies to examine the health safety and economic impacts of wind farms, including a cumulative effects analysis, and amend the Ontario Regulation 359/09 to reflect the findings and recommendations of such studies;”

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not deliveringPublished Date: 01 August 2010

I REFER to the article by Jenny Fyall (News, July 25) “Windfarms only giving half power”.

Windfarms are actually increasing carbon emissions. In a paper published on the website Master Resource, electrical engineer Kent Hawkins has shown that when wind power surpasses 5 per cent of power generated, the frequent ramping up and ramping down of the other base-load power sources (either fossil fuel or nuclear) to compensate for wind’s unpredictable variability causes such inefficiency in power generation that overall carbon emissions rise.

Hawkins found this when studying power sources in the Netherlands, Colorado and… Read more