The over-speed guard on a wind turbine in Europe fails, and,during gale-force winds, the blades spin out of control and…well…

There were -allegedly- 3 people in the base of the tower when it happened but they were not injured. (Talk about wakin’ you up in the morning though…)


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Windfall review


September 20, 2010, 9:00 pm

Windfall in New York



A few years back, a column I wrote recounting a successful effort by an alliance of citizens to beat back wind-turbine interests in Andes, N.Y., provoked a massively negative response. I was accused (a) of elevating the views I enjoyed from the windows of my second home above the interests of the society in encouraging green energy, (b) of displaying the usual latecomer’s indifference to the needs of the locals who had been living in Andes forever and (c) of not knowing what I was talking… Read more

WindfallIf the actions of the developers in the film are actually common practice amongst the industry then they must be held to account for this near criminal behaviour.

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