Important Videos

PBS Newhour Report of December 15th 2009 about the Environmental Impact of Mining Rare Minerals in China
which are also used for ‘green’ products such as wind turbines, hybrid cars etc.

Drowning in Blood / Bats


University of Calgary researchers provide answers to the mysterious deaths of bats and wind turbine facilities in souther Alberta, Canada.

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Trail of Deceit


If you have experienced any of the problems discussed in this film, need advice on how to set up a protest group in your area, would like a DVD of Out of Control or to know more about the relentless march of the EU superstate and how it affects you and your country, contact Godfrey Bloom at

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Bug Washing


Accumulated dirt and bugs reduce the wind turbine output.

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Natural Gas


The decades-old ban on oil and natural gas exploration on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) was lifted in 2008, following a public outcry over high gas prices. However, President Obama’s recent OCS exploration announcement put most of those newly available offshore areas off-limits.

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/,a href=””>Ian Hanna vs. Green Energy Act


This gives a really good synopsis as to where the lawsuit is at right now, plus Ian is just plain enjoyable to watch.surely strikes the fear in those opposing him in court!

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