christine elliottPlease re-read Christine’s commitment letter to rural Ontario from February and I believe you will see that she is committed to standing with us.

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For many years, I have been aware that the economic impact of the Liberal’s failed green-energy policy has been devastating to our province, and in particular to our manufacturing sector and rural Ontario. I have also been aware that their policies were dividing rural communities and driving rifts between friends, neighbours and even families.

However, what I came to further appreciate after meeting the Drennan family a few weeks ago in Ashfield, Ontario, was the full extent of the impact and the emotional toll that industrial wind was having on so many Ontarians. When I toured Tricia and Shawn Drennan’s family farm and saw first-hand the impacts of the wind turbines and the large electrical substation that is right next door, I was deeply moved.

My caucus colleague, Lisa Thompson, has spoken in caucus and the Ontario legislature often and with deep passion about this issue. After taking this tour, I better understand why she and so many other advocates against industrial wind power are so passionate.

When I’m elected Leader on May 9th, I pledge to continue to work with communities across Ontario to find a better path for our energy policy and I will continue to listen to the people in communities across Ontario whose lives are impacted by industrial wind.

You have my support. I hope I can earn yours.

Christine Elliott
May 3 2015

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