Here’s a couple of pieces penned by boys who start from the right end of the great wind power fraud equation.
Randy T. Simmons, Ph.D., is director of the Institute for Political Economy and professor of political economy at Utah State University. He also serves as president of Strata Policy, a public policy think tank in Logan. Jordan Lofthouse is a policy analyst at Strata Policy.

Governments that have drunk the wind industry “Kool Aid” (see our post here) can never front up to the first hard question: what happens in the power generation market when the… Read more


Curt Devlin

People are willing to tolerate, approve, and contribute to the torture of their neighbors with the ill effects of wind turbines simply because they have been told by public officials, the media, or green zealots that it is necessary to ‘save the planet’ from global climate change.

It is easy to forget just how essential sleep is to health and happiness; until of course, you yourself have been deprived of it for a night or two. Firsthand experience of sleep deprivation, even for a few days, is a powerful reminder of how mentally and physically debilitating it is. Even the ongoing disruption or restriction of sleep for a relatively short period of time can have devastating health consequences. Medical research has clearly shown that sleep is essential to human health and wellbeing. Prolonged sleep deprivation has been linked to memory loss, hallucination, weakened resistance to pain, obesity, hypertension, diabetes, impaired immune response, extreme anxiety, stress, clinical depression, and suicide. In the most extreme cases, animal experimentation suggests that lack of sleep can kill you.
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cumbria smAuthor: Joanne Atkin | Mortgage Finance Gazette | March 9, 2015 |

A couple purchasing a property in Cumbria has successfully sued their conveyancer because development plans to build a wind farm were not picked up in conveyancing searches.

Searches UK highlights this case as evidence that it is essential for solicitors to purchase all searches necessary to ensure a client has accurate and up to date information before buying a property.

The solicitor carried out what they considered to be ‘normal searches’ on the property; however these searches did not reveal to the purchasers that a wind farm was about to be constructed less than a mile away, and the turbines would be visible from the property.

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rci wtBy Lynn Desjardins

Tuesday 3 March, 2015

Wind energy companies are demanding that four families in the province of Ontario pay $340,000 in legal fees for a court case the families lost in December.

Families say case was in the public interest

In civic cases in Canada, the losing side generally has to pay the legal bills of the winning side. But in this case, the families say they should not have to pay because their case was in the public interest and there was no financial benefit to them personally.

The families were trying to stop huge wind-farm… Read more


 / March 2, 2015

“It’s no secret that solar power is hot right now, with innovators and big name companies alike putting a great deal of time, money, and effort into improving these amazing sources of renewable energy. Still, the last thing you’d likely expect is for a new experimental array to literally light nearly 130 birds in mid-flight on fire.

And yet, that’s exactly what happened near Tonopah, Nevada last month during tests of the 110-megawatt Crescent Dunes Solar Energy Project.”

“According to Rudy Evenson, Deputy Chief of Communications for Nevada Bureau of… Read more

Wind power firm regrets shooting to death of teen

Daily Nation
Macharia Mwangi
26 February 2015

The company putting up a wind-power plant in Nyandarua has expressed its regrets over the death of a teenager following protests over the implementation of the Sh13 billion project.

In Summary

bloodMr Wakaba dispelled fears that the project was a health hazard, saying they had adopted “world accepted standards,” when coming up with the project.

Meanwhile, a family whose land the firm will set up a turbine has claimed that they had not been party to the talks, despite being among those affected… Read more

Australian windfarms face $13 bln wipeout from political impasse
Byron Kaye

9 February 2015

* PM Abbott wants to cut state support for industry
* Labor opposition won’t back cutting clean energy target
* Uncertain support regime is causing a freeze in investment
* Some predict an exodus of investment

helpSYDNEY, Feb 8 (Reuters) – Australia faces a A$17 billion ($13.3 billion) exodus of investment from its windfarm industry because of a political deadlock, threatening to deal the country a major economic blow and kill hopes of meeting a self-imposed clean energy target.

Some 44 Australian windfarm projects, about… Read more test site

Icing is an important issue when operating wind turbines in high altitude or arctic areas as it can cause significant production losses and represent a safety risk. In 2004, a 600 kW Enercon E-40 wind turbine with integrated blade heating was installed on Gütsch mountain, Switzerland, at 2’300 m asl. Coincidentally, a fully equipped test station of the Swiss meteorological network SwissMetNet is situated about 200 m from the wind turbine. The immediate proximity of the two facilities operating under icing conditions led to the launch of the national research project “Alpine Test Site Gütsch” which is embedded in the European “COST Action 727: measuring and forecasting atmospheric icing on structures”. Read more

ice throw


ICE THROW: Are turbines getting away with creating public danger, where other industrial applications have strict rules?

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24 FEBRUARY 2015

kenyaOne person died and several others were injured after farmers took to the streets for the second day on Tuesday protesting the wind power project in Kinangop, Nyandarua county.

According to eye witnesses, the deceased was hit by a bullet when police shot in the air to disperse the irate farmers.

“The police officers resorted to using live bullets to disperse us after they realised that the tear gas canisters were not working,” he said.

The deceased was taken to Naivasha hospital mortuary.

Meanwhile, two suspects were arrested for burning a car and a house during… Read more