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British schoolchildren are being brainwashed by a deep green environmental curriculum which fills their heads with “confusion, ignorance and fear”, says a new study by the Global Warming Policy Foundation.

The report, by science writer Andrew Montford and statistician John Shade, finds that “eco-activism” has been given free rein within schools for at least three decades. Children are being encouraged to become “little political activists” with a duty to “save the planet” not least by putting pressure on their parents.

This agenda can be found in teaching across the board – not just in obviously relevant subjects like science and geography but even in unrelated areas like French, Maths and English. It affects everything from field trips (often with an environmental theme, such as “sustainability”) to projects and film screenings (An Inconvenient Truth; The Age Of Stupid; The Day After Tomorrow) and even how well children perform in exams (with marks given automatically to children who “correctly” identify Carbon Dioxide as a major environmental threat).

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