In the month since Steven Cooper’s groundbreaking study into the adverse effects from turbine generated low-frequency noise and infrasound on wind farm neighbours at Cape Bridgewater hit the press, the wind industry and its parasites have reacted in a form of panic that can only be described as hysterical.

cape bridgewaterNone more so, than that wind farm’s operator, Pacific Hydro. And, for a very good reason: by unleashing Cooper it has inadvertently provided its victims with precisely the evidence needed to establish legal liability against it.
To call Pac Hydro’s response a “debacle in diplomacy” is mastery in understatement.

After weeks of trying to manipulate the media and massage public opinion its way (see our post here), the wheels finally left the corporate image wagon, in spectacular fashion, with its disastrous “community meeting” at Portland last Monday night – where Steven Cooper explained the significance of his results; and Pac Hydro practically told its long suffering victims to “get stuffed” (see the last video in the series for an utterly “brilliant” piece of diplomacy in action).

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