stephen cooperA response to pronouncements made by Pacific Hydro at the meeting held on 16 February 2015, where Acoustician Steven Cooper of The Acoustic Group presented his report of his acoustical testing at the Cape Bridgewater Wind Turbine Energy Installation.

I start this response with a sentence uttered by Andrew Richards, Executive Manager, External Affairs, Pacific Hydro, on 3 April 2014, during Meeting No 7, with the Cape Bridgewater Community Consultative Committee. Mr Richards stated:

“it is our goal to improve your quality of life or at least restore it to what it was before the wind farm was there.”

This is an admission the encroachment of industrial sized Wind Turbines into the environment of community members at Cape Bridgewater has impacted on the quality of life of residents.

With this admission in mind the actions of Pacific Hydro on Monday 16 February 2015 is even more controversial.

The meeting commenced with a joint statement being read out from Pacific Hydro and Steven Cooper. This statement contained information of the Brief given to Mr Cooper by Pacific Hydro when he was commissioned to undertake acoustical testing at the Cape Bridgewater site.


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