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Dear Sirs,

Re: “An ill wind on Lake Erie” – by Adam Radwanski, September 6th.

I would just add a few considerations to your well-balanced article. Mr McGuinty acknowledged he had simply not thought about banning windfarms from ecologically sensitive areas. He added: “I’m glad you’re not in the opposition.” This reveals something equally odd: the opposition hadn’t thought about it either.

As in Europe, Australia and the US, politicians support blindly the whims and wishes of what has become a huge industry, supported by equally huge subventions. Most political parties receive contributions to their election campaigns, and this cozy arrangement is what is destroying landscapes and wildlife habitats throughout the world.

Bird societies turn a blind eye to the massacres that invariably occur when wind turbines are placed across migration hot spots like the Great Lakes: the windfarm industry has become their main funding source. But we are sometimes reminded that wind turbines are deadly, e.g. the killings at Wolfe Island, Ontario (602 birds and 1,270 bats killed in 6 months), or at Woolnorth, Tasmania (20 nearly-extinct Tasmanian eagles killed in 4 years), or at Altamont Pass, California (2,300 golden eagles and more than 10,000 other raptors over 20 years), etc. –    http://www.iberica2000.org/Es/Articulo.asp?Id=1875

If we add the deforestation caused by bio-fuels, biomass, and carbon credits (to plant eucalyptus in Brazil, for instance), never in man’s history have we destroyed so much nature in so little time – all in the name of saving the planet.

Mark Duchamp

President, Save the Eagles International

Partida La Sella, 25

03750 Pedreguer, Spain

Tel : + 34  693 643 736

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