letter to Ontario LegislaturePlease find attached a letter addressed to Chris Hislop, MNR, Ministers Jeffrey, Gerretsen, Duguid, Best, Anthony Haines CEO of Toronto Hydro, Mayor Miller, and Premier McGuinty.

This letter which is being faxed and e-mailed from Torontonians as a petition letter, outlines the urgent matter of having the anemometer permit from Minister Gerretsen and MNR revoked. We do not feel it is in the best interests of the people of Ontario to have any form of this project proceed, given that there are already two valid studies indicating insufficient wind at the region of the Bluffs.

Indeed, the bad economics of the highly subsidized wind turbine industry, coupled with widespread reports of serious health effects, environmental devastation and dead zones created for wide expanses around turbines (the ultimate exercise of the anemometer is all about turbines), calls on all of us to be prudent and vigilant in these matters.

We urge you to exercise all your influence to call for a complete moratorium on wind power in Ontario and to most certainly put a halt to the mysterious happenstance attempts to anchor an anemometer at the Scarborough Bluffs. This is anticipated to cost the taxpayers over $1 million. And turbines have no possible effect on greenhouse gases whatsoever, nor any relationship to real job creation. Indeed 2.4 jobs are LOST when one is created by this industry. Job creation with wind is truly a myth.

The public has scrutinized this industry and has long realized that the burden imposed by it in every manner possible is untenable. Please show the leadership that is required in this matter.

Thank you sincerely,

Sherri Lange
Toronto Wind Action


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