moratoriumThis is the amending resolution adopted by General Government Committee yesterday, which was provided in writing to members of the public in attendance:

1.  That this report be endorsed and submitted to the Province in response to Environmental Bill of Rights Registry Postings 011-0089 and 011-0907;

2.  That the Province be advised that Council of the Town of Ajax has not been provided with sufficient information to take a well-informed position regarding the proposed 5-km shoreline exclusion zone and future Provincial direction and actions regarding offshore wind facilities in the Great Lakes at this time;

3.  That the Province impose a moratorium prohibiting offshore wind facilities in the Great Lakes, pending the conduct and completion of comprehensive scientific research and studies identified in the staff report, including evaluations of all potential environmental, social and economic impacts, to assist the Town, the Province and others to make well-informed decisions and avoid negative effects;

4.   That the Province prepare and provide an independent cost analysis of offshore wind energy in comparison to other types of renewable energy sources, such as solar power, to protect the Great Lakes and determine the return-on-investment in offshore wind energy over time, with a view to ensuring taxpayers and electricity ratepayers are protected from undue, unforeseen financial burden in the future; and

5.   That the report be forwarded to the Ministries of the Environment and Natural Resources, Toronto Hydro, Ontario Power Authority, the Ontario Energy Board, the Region of Durham, the City of Pickering, the Town of Whitby, the Great Lakes and St. Lawrence Cities Initiative, the Toronto and Region Conservation Authority and the Central Lake Ontario Conservation Authority.

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