1. Sign one or both of the petitions below, and mail them to:

Toronto Wind Action

105 Guildwood Pkwy

PO Box 11014

Scarborough, Ontario




Email us at info@torontowindaction.com



3. Exercise your democratic rights by writing or e-mailing your concerns to one or all of the following:

a. Your City Councilor

b. Your MP (Federal Member of Parliament)

c. Your MPP (Provincial Member of Parliament)

d. The Mayor of Toronto

e. Toronto Hydro Corporation

f. Ministry of Natural Resources

Become a part of our online community

1. Contact us for more information, volunteering or donating.

2. When you contact us, you can register to our email news letters on our progress.

3. You can download forms filled in with your name to print, sign and mail to your MP.


View a sample wind banner.

View a sample poster.

View a sample lawn sign.

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