migrainesNovember 2, 2013


A recent letter to the Olean Times Herald pointed out that the Big Wind lobby continues to do everything possible to denigrate and deny reports of negative health impacts caused by wind turbines. Nevertheless, the body of irrefutable evidence is beginning to mount as these massive power plants become ever more gigantic.

These machines are rapidly becoming even more massive, and the evidence against them continues to mount. Just a week ago, ABC’s “Good Morning America” looked at this topic by investigating health problems near the Falmouth, Mass., wind turbine installation.

The report focused on a couple, Sue and Edward Hobart, who have been forced from their home because the turbines. Mrs. Hobart suffered headaches, ringing in her ears, insomnia and dizziness to the point of falling “flat on my face” in the driveway after the turbines were installed in their community. Now, their home is up for sale, she said, but because she disclosed her health problems to potential buyers, its value has dropped by half.

“We tried to keep our house — we built it ourselves,” she said. “I had 6 acres, planted trees and flowers and bought a Bobcat and a backhoe and built the rock walls myself. It was my pride and joy. Every time I think about it I cry.”

Another couple in the town, Neil and Betsy Anderson, were initially supporters of alternative energy.

However, within a short time of the turbines becoming operational, Neil Anderson became ill with tinnitus and clenching of the teeth, called bruxism. Mr. Anderson, 60, said that within a week and half, he developed a “very uncomfortable feeling.” He said his wife had suffered migraines so severe that she wrote in a journal she keeps on her symptoms and the wind turbine operations, “Never stops, never stops. Headache. HELP.”

These reports support what is already been known about wind turbines. They need to be sited far from residential areas. The Allegany Town Board should not be controlled by a special-interest group that does not have consideration for the emerging evidence of health issues caused by people living too close to the machines.

On Tuesday, residents of Allegany should vote for the board candidates listed on the ballot.

(Mr. Henderson lives in Allegany.)

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