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fossil fuelNovember 14, 2013

Lawrence Solomon



When governments try to impose large-scale renewable technologies, they lay waste to nature

Non-renewable energy is sustainable; renewable energy is not, not even close, not by any meaningful yardstick, not in our lifetime or in that of our children. Renewables cannot passably meet any of the important needs claimed by their champions, whether economic or environmental. Despite the hundreds of billions of dollars governments have spent over the decades in aid of kick-starting a large-scale renewables industry, wind and solar complexes are generally incapable of helping humanity progress today or in the foreseeable… Read more

un climate scientistClimate researchers working for the United Nations have issued an astonishing plea for immunity from prosecution. Government-funded personnel sought the ruling on the eve of the latest round of international climate talks scheduled for Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (June 20, 2012).

The United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) issued it’s formal request for immunity from prosecution to “protect” researchers who have provided “evidence” supportive of the man-made global warming scare story. The perplexing plea will likely reverberate throughout the general scientific community as further affirmation that many climate scientists were not conducting honest… Read more

“And in the past ten days one of the greenest of green politicians has to all intents, constructions and purposes given up. Last week Australia’s green movement suffered a defeat at least as big as those of the country’s cricket and rugby teams. Mr Rudd announced that he would ditch the carbon tax that had threatened to consign his Labor Party to one of the worst defeats in its history.

All over the world green politicians are presiding over similar climbdowns…..“One renewable company after another is going bankrupt,” he declared.”


Tim Montgomerie

Seven years ago, pulled along by huskies,… Read more

LEEDCOJune 10, 2013  North American Platform Against Windpower and Great Lakes Wind Truth

Offshore Alert! Lake Erie Energy Development Corp. and Freshwater Wind

Offshore Alert! Leedco’s First Fresh Water Lake Energy Scam energizes international watchdog agencies: More resolve that the Great Lakes are NOT doomed to become another “green energy basket case”


Great Lakes Wind Truth (GLWT) executive member Al Isselhard suggests, based on experience fighting… Read more

Whitelee Wind Farms

The government and energy industry have quietly shelved plans for windfarms equivalent to four large traditional coal and nuclear power stations, amid growing public and political anger over the cost and sight of the turbines.

A report by the Electricity Networks Strategy Group (ENSG), which is the most up-to-date view of government officials, the regulator Ofgem, and leading industry investors, estimates that 28.3GW of onshore and offshore wind power may have been built by 2020.

The estimate has fallen by 4GW in the two years since its… Read more

wind power IIThose of us who drive in the Midwest or Southwest are often startled to see a plethora of wind turbines sprouting like overnight mushrooms in an area we remember as farms or grazing lands.

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true cost of britains clean, green wind power experiementThis toxic lake poisons Chinese farmers, their children and their land. It is what’s left behind after making the magnets for Britain’s latest wind turbines…

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wind farms, environmental disastersIt is a very noble gesture of these environmentalists wanting to protect the natural beauty and preserve the wildlife in the area, but what no one sees is any concern from them about the projected wind farm in this same area.

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offshore drilling



Phil Taylor, E&E reporter

On the one-year anniversary of the BP PLC oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, environmentalists are redoubling their efforts to stop what they say is an overlooked threat to marine animals: noise.

A coalition of groups said it plans to file a lawsuit to halt the government’s approval of the first 10 seismic exploration projects since a deepwater drilling moratorium was lifted last October. The seismic projects emit powerful blasts that harm fish and marine mammals, including endangered whales, the groups say.

The groups’ February notice of intent to sue represents… Read more

wind energy



Everybody knows that wind power is variable, which can be troublesome for a society that needs reliable power all day, every day. When inquiring minds ask whether wind power can ever be a reliable energy source for the U.S., we’re soothed by calm assurances that better transmission networks and wider geographic dispersion can overcome the variability with no fuss, muss or bother. Occasionally, however, the facts are too glaring to ignore and somebody needs to insist on a reality check. Today is one of those days for me.

The Bonneville Power Administration, or BPA, operates in the Pacific… Read more