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wind turbine houseFor Immediate Release
April 8, 2013
Huron-Bruce MPP Lisa Thompson has issue this News Release (.pdf)

(Queen’s Park) —The Quebec government has passed legislation that bans wind turbines from being built within two kilometres of homes and within one kilometre of public roads.

The Quebec government has also protected agricultural fields, cultivated floodplains, and woodlands, as well as bike lanes from the presence of wind turbines. It also establishes the one kilometre distance between the turbines and environmentally protected areas, much like Lisa Thompson, MPP’s (Huron-Bruce) bill, the Ensuring Affordable Energy Act, which protects the Niagara Escarpment and Oak… Read more

“Ontario’s Future is in Ashes” PROTEST AT Simcoe Park, Convention Center, 11:30am, April 3rd, 2013

For the SECOND year in a row, people from around the province will arrive in Toronto on Wed., April 3rd to protest at Simcoe Park opposite the Toronto Convention Centre on Front St. After rallying, we will march to raise awareness of the issue for our urban neighbours!

Buses will be rolling in at 11:30 from across the province to demand an end to the threat from industrial wind turbines.


People in Ontario have had enough. We do NOT accept… Read more

TO: Premier Wynne, Dr Arlene King, Cabinet Ministers and all Ontario MPPs,

Please stop the proliferation of wind projects NOW!!!

The Liberal promise of only siting such projects in “willing communities” is NOT HAPPENING!!!

No one in government can tell us what the mechanism or process is to make this happen. WHY????????

Chris Bentley was asked in writing about this in early January – No reply has been received yet!

We need ACTION not Words

See the March 6th 2013 article below from New York stating a legal case is being made by residents to stop turbines – USING A… Read more

January 26, 2013


In what will surely be the largest and most vocal public display of public outrage in Ontario’s history, anti-wind groups will gather at Allan Gardens at 11:00 a.m. and then join with others to protest the removal of democracy at the Liberal leadership convention at Maple Leaf Gardens (Anti wind groups will begin their protest at Allan Gardens at 11:00 a.m. The… Read more

January, 2013



Feature Article. The Danish Parliament favours the wind industry to a degree where the constitutional state is weakened. Ida Auken, Minister for the Environment, is so indifferent to facts that in a consultation she delivers 38 wrong answers, including the information that wind turbine noise does not disturb more than noise from any other source, and that the regulations are stricter for wind turbine noise than for any other noise.

By Peter Skeel Hjorth, journalist, Henrik Svanholm, Master of Laws (cand.jur.), and Peter Prinds, MD

Shortly after she… Read more

Wednesday, January 09, 2013


Fisherville residents in Haldimand county are outraged after a tree housing a bald eagles’ nest was cut down over the weekend to make way for a green energy wind project.

Kate Carnegie spent the day talking to people who live in the area and joins us with the full story.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

By Monte Sonnenberg, Simcoe Reformer


Haldimand-Norfolk MPP Toby Barrett is looking for answers in the aftermath of this week’s outcry over the destruction of an eagle’s nest in west Haldimand on the weekend.

The legislature in Toronto remains in recess while provincial Liberals pick a successor to outgoing Premier Dalton McGuinty. However, that hasn’t stopped Queen’s Park from buzzing about what some are calling an environmental travesty.

Barrett reported that the incident near Fisherville came up for discussion during a packed meeting Wednesday of the Progressive Conservative caucus. Barrett said no one… Read more

The link below is to a video of Ted Whitworth from Amaranth Township, Ontario.
Ted’s family has been devastated by a turbine project, specifically the transformer station, that started up years ago.
They have followed every protocol and have contacted every authority possible.
The problems are punted between various Ontario ministries and agencies but no one has accepted responsibility nor offered any tangible help.
Ted and his family are not alone.


FYI. This video was taped before the most recent Freedom of Information documents regarding the Ministry Of Environment Abatement Report were … Read more


NA-PAW supports Ontario anti wind groups calling for the resignation of Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Arlene King.

“Reasonable people do not leave their homes to sleep elsewhere for frivolous reasons” (FOI document 2, admission by Ministry of the Environment, MOE Ontario)


DECEMBER 7, 2012

NA-PAW (North American Platform Against Wind Power) repeats its call for an immediate full public inquiry and further supports groups calling for the resignation of Medical Officer of Health, Dr. Arlene King.

In light of Freedom of Information documents received today, requested 1.5 years ago, it is clear that the Ontario… Read more

fire in Scotlandby Ben Acheson

BACK IN 2004, there were 12 operational wind farms in the UK and average annual energy bills were £522. Today, 355 operational wind farms dot our countryside and we pay around £1,252 for energy each year. As wind farms have multiplied, energy bills have more than doubled.

Over 5.5 million UK households spend more than 10% of their income on fuel; they are ‘fuel poor’. In Scotland, under the rule of a wind-obsessed Government, over 900,000 households – more than thirty-three per cent – cannot afford to heat their homes adequately. For every 5% increase… Read more