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Friday, June 7, 2013

Premier Wynne’s callous statement last week, that despite changes in Ontario’s wind turbine policies in the future, wind project objectors in the line for massive turbine factories in their communities are simply “out of luck,” did not resonate with already pent up frustrated and angry residents of Ontario. It is safe to say that Minister Bob Chiarelli’s announcement of ending the FIT in the FUTURE, and some vague allure of community engagement on siting, did not mesh with the immediate problems of Rural Ontario.

In fact, the vagaries were perceived by many as insulting. “Unfortunately,” said Sherri Lange of Na-Paw, “it does not appear in the language of the announcement for changes in green energy policy that anything substantive will change, save the developers in future years, beyond the mayhem now in Ontario, will have to scramble for competitiveness in the marketplace. Projects already approved, most of them already in the line, will not be cancelled, despite strong universal and growing objection, and municipalities advising the Premier one by one that they are NOT willing hosts.”


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One Response to The Premier is “out of luck”: the green heist is over

  • P D MacMillan says:

    I am appalled that Sunwincor Int’l thinks they can build a Wind Farm on Important Bird Area Leslie St Spit, despite land manager TRCA’s stated objections. Just who is approving this & why can Sunwincor post a petition, when they are not registered as a business in Ontario & have no permit to build this?

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