The link below is to a video of Ted Whitworth from Amaranth Township, Ontario.
Ted’s family has been devastated by a turbine project, specifically the transformer station, that started up years ago.
They have followed every protocol and have contacted every authority possible.
The problems are punted between various Ontario ministries and agencies but no one has accepted responsibility nor offered any tangible help.
Ted and his family are not alone.


FYI. This video was taped before the most recent Freedom of Information documents regarding the Ministry Of Environment Abatement Report were released.
FYI – acronyms/short forms used
M.O.E. or moe – Ontario Ministry of Environment
C of A  – Certificate of Approval -(Granted by the Ministry of Environment who approves wind energy projects and who governs them)
OMB – Ontario Municipal Board
SAC – Spills Action Centre – the 24/7 1-800 office that takes calls from families in distress.

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