June 7, 2013  By Sherri Lange, Lorrie Gillis, North American Platform Against Wind Power

Premier Wynne’s callous statement last week, that despite changes in Ontario’s wind turbine policies in the future,  wind project objectors in the line for massive turbine factories in their communities are simply “out of luck,” did not resonate with already pent up frustrated and angry residents of Ontario. It is safe to say that Minister Bob Chiarelli’s announcement of ending the FIT in the FUTURE, and some vague allure of community engagement on siting, did not mesh with the immediate problems of Rural Ontario.

The Premier is now out of luck and we enjoin her to resign as soon as possible,” said Lange.  Lorrie Gillis, Chair of the Ontario Regional Wind Turbine Working Group, shares this sentiment.  “The Liberal government continues to ignore all of the serious issues that have come forward with existing industrial wind turbines.  This government continues on, with willful blindness and with NDP complicity, promoting and giving approvals to an industry that threatens legal action against municipalities and individuals and which is given full and free license to harm and destroy wildlife habitat.”

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